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IEA Bioenergy's vision is to achieve a substantial bioenergy contribution to future global energy demands by accelerating the production and use of environmentally sound, socially accepted and cost-competitive bioenergy on a sustainable basis, thus providing increased security of supply whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy use The work of IEA Bioenergy is structured in a number of Tasks, which have well defined objectives, budgets, and time frames. IEA Bioenergy Task 37 addresses the challenges related to the economic and environmental sustainability of biogas production, by anaerobic digestion, and utilisation Welcome to the Home of IEA Bioenergy Task 43 We explore technical and economic strategies to increase the quantity of biomass available, improve the quality of biomass delivered for different energy purposes, and explore strategies to increase the value and foster confidence in biomass supply for both direct and cascade use of biomass for energy IEA Bioenergy Tasks. General; Task 36 - Material and Energy Valorisation of Waste in a Circular Economy; Task 37 - Energy from Biogas; Task 38 - Climate Change Effects of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems (replaced by Task 45); Task 39 - Commercialising Conventional and Advanced Liquid Biofuels from Biomas

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IEA Bioenergy aims to facilitate the commercialisation and market deployment of environmentally sound, socially acceptable, and cost competitive bioenergy systems and technologies Task 42 Biorefining: Sustainable processing of biomass into a spectrum of marketable food & feed ingredients, bio-based chemicals, materials,..

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  1. ation
  2. Edited by A. Wellinger, J. Murphy and D. Baxter, Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy No. 52, ISBN 0 85709 498 X, ISBN-13: 978 0 85709 498 8; February 2013; 512 pages. With pressure increasing to utilise wastes and residues effectively and sustainably, the production of biogas represents one of the most important routes towards reaching national.
  3. IEA Task 37 Country Report Summaries 2019 (3.9 MiB) IEA Task 37 Country Report Summaries 2017 (2.5 MiB) IEA Task 37 Country Report Summaries 2016 (3.6 MiB) IEA Task 37 Country Report Summaries 2015 (2.2 MiB) IEA Task 37 Country Report Summaries 2014 (3.8 MiB
  4. IEA Bioenergy Task 38 investigates the climate effects of bioenergy and land-based carbon sequestration systems to support development of climate change mitigation strategies. IEA Bioenergy, also known as the Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) for a Programme of Research, Development and Demonstration on Bioenergy, functions within a Framework created by the International Energy Agency.

Copenhill WtE plant in Copenhagen Dec 2020 Webinar report about Waste-to-energy fly ash valorisation Nov 2020 Workshop report: Waste for feedstock recycling - Challenges and opportunities Oct 2020 Industrial Process Heat Case Study: Waste-to-Energy for the production of steam for paper production Oct 2020 Webinar: Valorisation of fly ash from. Publications of Task 37. Integration of Anaerobic Digestion into Farming Systems. In Australia, Canada, Italy and the UK. August 2020. Download PDF |. Two page summary -. Integration of Anaerobic Digestion into Farming Systems. In Australia, Canada, Italy and the UK. August 2020 IEA Bioenergy Task 45 relevant publications and presentations . Aug 2020 - The use of forest biomass for climate change mitigation: dispelling some misconceptions . Triennium Reports on IEA Bioenergy Tasks' Activities 2016-2018: IEA-Bioenergy Task 38, Climate Change Effects of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems Report on the activities of the various Tasks in IEA Bioenergy for the period 2010-2012. Advanced Biofuels - GHG Emissions and Energy Balances (2012) Read more. Status of Advanced Biofuels Demonstration Facilities in 2012 Read more

IEA Bioenergy News Volume 32(2) - December 2020. This issue covers the ExCo86 Virtual meeting held on 21-22 October 2020. It also features an article on the ExCo86 workshop 'Contribution of sustainable biomass and bioenergy in industry transitions towards a circular economy' by the Technical Coordinator, a Task Focus by Task 44, the Noticeboard, and recent publications and upcoming events IEA BIOENERGY TASK 33 REPORTS : Date: Publication: Annex: 02/2021: Emerging Gasification Technologies for Waste and Biomass : 12/2019: Biomass gasification success stories : 10/2019: Status report on thermal gasification of biomass and waste 2019: Annex 1 - CHP operational facilites Bioenergy is the energy retrieved from organic material such as agricultural crops, organic wastes and forest residues. Since trees and crops are natural CO 2 absorbers and storage units, there needs to be a balance between the quantity of biomass harvested for bioenergy and the growth of trees and other plants in forests and fields

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Gasification is a complete thermal breakdown of the biomass particles into a combustible gas, volatiles and ash in an enclosed reactor (gasifier) in the presence of any externally supplied oxidizing agent (air, O 2, H 2 O, CO 2, etc.) when equivalent ratio (ER) is < 1.ER = 1 if the stoichiometric amount of oxidising agent is present PublicationsBelow is a selection of the documents produced by Task 32 and itspredecessor, Task 19: Methodological work The future role of thermal biomass power in renewable energy systems - a study of Germany (Morten Tony Hansen, Lars Pauli Bornak, Alberto Dalla Riva, Hans Henrik Lindboe) 2018 Advanced test methods for firewood stoves, (Gabriel Reichert, Christoph Schmidl, 2018) 2018 Status of. Welcome to the IEA Bioenergy Task 38 Websit ([hfxwlyh vxppdu\ )oh[leoh elrhqhuj\ ² dv ghilqhg lq ,($ %lrhqhuj\ 7dvn lv d elrhqhuj\ v\vwhp wkdw fdq surylgh pxowlsoh vhuylfhv dqg ehqhilwv wr wkh hqhuj\ v\vwhp xqghu ydu\lqj rshudwlqj frqglwlrqv dqg ru ordg IEA Bioenergy tasks The work of IEA Bioenergy is structured in a number of tasks (projects), [39] which have well defined objectives, budgets, and time frames. The collaboration which earlier was focused on research, development and demonstration is now increasingly also emphasising deployment on a large-scale and worldwide

IEA Bioenergy Task 45 workshop on forests and the climate, 13-14 May 2020 on Zoom This was intended as a physical workshop in conjunction with the 2 nd International Conference on Negative CO 2 Emissions at Chalmers, Göteborg, Sweden. With the conference postponed du to the corona virus the WS was carried out remotely Several systems to define and monitor performance and progress towards sustainability of bioenergy have been developed for implementation at different scales, including operations, landscapes or jurisdictions. Some are formalised systems (e.g. GBEP 2011; RSB 2016; ISO 2015; ASTM 2016; SBP 2019) while others are inputs made through the scientific literature (McBride et al. 2012; Dale et al. Biogas upgrading IEA Bioenergy Task 37 - Energy from biogas and landfill gas IeA Bioenergy aims to accelerate the use of environmental sound and cost-competitive Bioenergy on a sustainable basis, and thereby achieve a substantial contribution to future energy demands The future of biomass and bioenergy deployment and trade: a synthesis of 15 years IEA Bioenergy Task 40 on sustainable bioenergy trade. Hans Martin Junginger. Corresponding Author. h.m.junginger@uu.nl; Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University,.

Microsoft PowerPoint - IEA Bioenergy Task 42 Introduction 201202 Author: johannamos Created Date: 1/4/2021 10:11:08 AM. IEA Bioenergy Task 40: Deployment of biobased value chains (in the triennium 2016-2018 known as 'Sustainable biomass markets and international bioenergy trade to support the biobased economy'), commonly abbreviated Task 40, was established under the International Energy Agency (IEA) Bioenergy Implementing Agreement in December 2003 with the aim of focusing on international bioenergy. Task 39 Country Representatives, ExCo Members Country Task Representative (s) ExCo Member Australia Steve Rogers Mark Brown Austria Dina Bacovsky Ing. René Albert Brazil Glaucia Mendes Souza Miguel Ivan Lacerda de Oliveira Canada Jack Saddler Oshada Mendis Denmark Sune Tjalfe Thomsen, Michael Persson Laerke Skov Hansen European Commission Adrian Oconnell Eric Fee, Nicolae Scarlat Germany.

IEA Bioenergy brings together national experts from research, government, industry and other stakeholders to advance the state of bioenergy research, policy and implementation This co-operation offers many benefits: IEA Bioenergy - Strategic Direction Biofuels and bioenergy can make an important contribution to current and future energy needs. The development and deployment strategy for. IEA BIOENERGY - TASK 40 Country Report: Austria 2014 2 Domestic biomass resources, current use, trends and main users . About 245 PJ biogenic energy carriers where consumed (gross domestic consumption) in Austria in 2013. The distribution between solid, liquid and gaseous bioenergy accounted fo Under the IEA Bioenergy Inter-task project The Role of Bioenergy in a WB2/SDG world, a workshop was held in Berlin, on 25th November 2019. The objective of the workshop was to examine, synthesize and disseminate information from recent studies that investigate how bioenergy and associated technologies may contribute to achieving the reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) [

Four new factsheets have been published by IEA Bioenergy Task42: 2-platform (C5&C6 sugars, lignin) biorefinery to produce bioethanol, electricity & heat from corn stover; 2-platform (C5&C6 sugars, biogas) biorefinery to produce the biopolymer Polyhdydroxybutyrate (PHB), electricity & heat from sugar beet or sugar cane; 2-platform (C6 sugar, lipids) biorefinery to produce the biopolymer PLA. IEA BIOENERGY - TASK 40 Country Report: Austria 2011 3 Table 1. Overall energy balances for the period 1970 to 2010 in Terajoule. Source: Statistik Austria (2011c) TJ 1970 1980 1990 2000 2005 2010 Indigenous production of primary energy 366,230 333,443 341,097 412,206 418,927 501,832. IEA BIOENERGY The International Energy Agency (IEA) is an autonomous organisation which works to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for its 29 member countries and beyond.. IEA Bioenergy was set up by IEA to improve cooperation and information exchange between member countries. The work of IEA Bioenergy is structured into a number of Tasks, which have well defined objectives, budgets. Join us at the virtual PYRO conference: 2 days; 7 topics - 6 sessions. Progress in analytical pyrolysis research and instrumentation; Reaction mechanisms and kinetics, modelling and experimentatio Thu 25th Apr, 2019 IEA Bioenergy Webinar - 'Biomass Pretreatment - Options to Diversify the Resource Base A Potential Drawback with Technical Solutions: A Statement by the IEA Bioenergy Task 32 Mon 18th Sep, 2017 WPAC conference. Ottawa, Canada. Page 1 of 2 1 2.

TY - JOUR. T1 - Tar Protocols. IEA Bioenergy Gasification Task. AU - Maniatis, K. AU - Beenackers, A.A C M. N1 - J ditorial Material 39. PY - 200 IEA Bioenergy Task 39 is holding its second business meeting of 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden on September 16-17 in conjunction with Sweden's 2019 Advanced Biofuels Conference being held 17-19 September. Ispra Italy- May 2019 Joint European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC)/Task 39 workshop IEA Bioenergy Task 44 Webinar - Flexible bioenergy in renewable energy systems. 18 March 2021, 4-5:30 pm CET. The global energy system transition is driven by steep reductions in the generation costs of wind and solar energy as well as political efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions IEA Bioenergy Conference - Task 33 contributions. 17-19 April 2012 Istanbul Turkey Bed materials Workshop. WS-Report . 18 - 20 October 2011 Pite.

IEA Task 36 Members. IEA Bioenergy is one of the implementing agreement set up in 1978 by the International Energy Agency (IEA) with the aim of improving cooperation and information exchange between countries that have national programs in bioenergy research, development and deployment IEA Task 42 Feb 2014 MW Montreal (2,52 mb) T42_Classification paper BIOFPR (285,23 kb) The Possible Role of Biorefineries in a BioEconomy - Activities of IEA Bioenergy Task 42 Biorefining (1,99 mb What is Plastic Surgery? Plastic medical procedure includes careful remaking of various spaces of the body. You might be keen on plastic medical procedure because of birth absconds, illness, consumes or for other and more close to home corrective reasons

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IEA Bioenergy Task 42 Vision & Mission 8 Vision Biorefining is the optimal strategy for large-scale sustainable use of biomass in the BioEconomy resulting in cost-competitive co-production of food/feed ingredients, biobased products and bioenergy with optimal socio-economic an Introduction to Task 38: Introduction to Greenhouse Gas Balances of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems (PDF) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Answers to ten frequently asked questions about bioenergy, carbon sinks and their role in global climate change (PDF) Description of IEA Task 38 Task38 Description 2013 (PDF) Joint statement from the workshop, held May 19-20, 2014 in Copenhagen, on.

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  1. IEA Bioenergy . Task 39. LEARN MORE. Our group coordinates Task 39 (liquid biofuels) of the Bioenergy division within the International Energy Agency. The objective of this Task is to facilitate international communication and promote research on the policy and technology issues related to the commercialization of liquid biofuels
  2. A Report by IEA Bioenergy Task 39 AUTHORS: Sergios Karatzos University of British Columbia, Canada James D. McMillan National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA Jack N. Saddler University of British Columbia, Canada IEA Bioenergy. Summary of Task 39 report: The potential and challenges of drop-in biofuels
  3. IEA Bioenergy Task 43 - Sustainable biomass supply integration for bioenergy within the broader bio-economy. Task 43 seeks to promote sound bioenergy development that is driven by well-informed decisions in business, governments and elsewhere

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Fulcrum BioEnergy's Sierra Biofuels Plant (Synthesis Fulcrum BioEnergy City of McCarran) GTI Gas Technology Institute (GTI gasifier Des Plaines) Goeteborg Energi (GoBiGas phase 2) Græsted Fjernvarme (CHP BioSynergi pilot plant) Guascor Italia (Rossano Calabro (CS) IEA Bioenergy Task 33: Thermal Gasification of Biomass Task 33 is a working group of international experts with the aim to promote the commercialization of efficient, economical, and environmentally preferable biomass gasification processes. Primary activities include

IEA Bioenergy: Task 39: January 2019 . IEA Bioenergy, also known as the Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) for a Programme of Research, Development and Demonstration on Bioenergy, functions within a Framework created by the International Energy Agency (IEA) IEA Bioenergy Webinar - The Contribution of Advanced Renewable Transport Fuels to Transport Decarbonisation in 2030 and beyond. A free IEA Bioenergy Webinar on The Contribution of Advanced Renewable Transport Fuels to Transport Decarbonisation in 2030 and beyond will be held on 17th November 2020 Please enter this spam prevention code in the field. © Copyright IEA Bioenergy 2021. All rights reserved. NEWSLETTE IEA Bioenergy Task 39 is fortunate to have, within its extensive network, colleagues who have had long experience with algae technologies, both in terms of commercial growth of algae (as has occurred in Australia over many years of operating high IEA Bioenergy Task 41 Project 5 What is Bio-CCU and Bio-CCS? What is Bio-CCS? The term Bio-CCS describes concepts that combine biomass use with carbon capture and storage. As opposed to fossil CCS, which only decreases the rate of CO 2 entering th

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IEA Bioenergy Task 40: Country Report Germany 2014 Daniela Thrän (DBFZ/UFZ) Christiane Hennig, Nadja Rensberg, Velina Denysenko (DBFZ) Uwe R. Fritsche, Ulrike Eppler (IINAS) DBFZ (German Biomass Research Centre) UFZ (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research From the Task By 1 Brazil Feature 4 In the News 9 Meetings/Conferences 12 representatives think will be of interest as well as summarizes some of Task 39's providing was jointly organized by IEA Bioenergy and the Advanced Motor Fuels (AMF) implementation agreements (IA)

IEA Bioenergy Task 39, (Liquid Biofuels) recently completed an update of the Advanced biofuels Demonstration Database. This is available on the web and can b Notes - IEA Bioenergy Task 36 meeting in Paris 9 January 2017 SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden Postal address Office location Telephone / Telefax E-mail / Internet Bank account Reg.number SP Box 857 SE-501 15 BORÅS Sweden Västeråsen Brinellgatan 4 SE-504 62 BORÅS +46 10 516 50 00 +46 33 13 55 02.


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Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl 3 2. Objectives Task 40 under the IEA Bioenergy Agreement entitled: 'Sustainable International Bioenergy trade; securing supply and demand', started in 2004 and currently has ten country members and the FAO as affiliated international body IEA Bioenergy Task 44 - Flexible Bioenergy and System Integration. Task 44 contributes to the development and analysis of bioenergy solutions that can provide flexible resources for a low-carbon energy system. The objective is to improve understanding on the types,. IEA Bioenergy Task 37 . Presentation Overview •Overview of IEA Bioenergy Task 37 -Work programs and outputs •Country Report -Summary 2015 -Reporting Australian biogas data -How do we compare with other member countries? IEA Bioenergy Task 37 . IEA Bioenergy presently has 1

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Task 25 Greenhouse Gas Balances of Bioenergy System IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Task 37 är en arbetsgrupp inom IEA Bioenergy som jobbar för att sammanställa rapporter och skapa nätverk mellan olika länder för att gynna produktionen av biogas och en rötrest med hög kvalitet. Målet med gruppens arbete är att beskriva och sammanställa den bästa tillgängliga tekniken inom olika fokusområden och jämföra och beskriva situationen för. IEA Bioenergy Task 37 - Energy from Biogas. Task 37 is an international working group which covers the biological treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) as well as the anaerobic treatment of organic rich industrial waste water IEA Bioenergy: Task 17 Short-Rotation Crops for Bioenergy Proceedings of the Third Meeting of IEA, Bioenergy, Task 17 in Auburn, Alabama, U.S.A., September 6 9, 1999 Lars Christersson and Lynn Wright, Editors Bioenergy Feedstock Development Program Oak Ridge National Laborator IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Nathalie BACHMANN EREP SA | Chemin du Coteau 28 | CH 1123 Aclens - Switzerland www.erep.ch | nathalie.bachmann@erep.ch | +41 (0)21 869 71 42 Traitement et valorisation de déchets et d'effluents organiques. Introduction EREP SA Switzerland - Quality assurance of digestate

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Implements an international program of energy cooperation among 28 member countries. Site resources include supply statistics and projections, research, market reforms, and research into new sources of energy Rapport från IEA Bioenergy Task 36 W orkshop on Circular economy and the role of Energy (from waste) , Paris 1 70110 Bakgrund Mattias Svensson representerade IEA Bioenergy Task 37 på Task 36:s workshop i Paris den 10 januari 2017. Gruppens medlem mar och de inbjudna talarna utgjord Christian Bang is currently the Country Representative for Denmark in the IEA Bioenergy Task 40 for the triennium period 2019-2021. The objective of IEA Bioenergy Task 40 is to support the development and design of efficient, economically viable and bankable value chains in order to support a larger deployment of sustainable biomass for energy, but also for biobased products and materials.

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In pursuit of the listed above, collaborate with other Tasks of IEA Bioenergy, for example, on conventional forestry, short-rotation forestry, techno-economic assessment, socio-economic aspects. The Task proposed here is cross-cutting in nature, and will rely heavily on exchange of information with these other Tasks Bioenergy Australia (BA) Representative to IEA Bioenergy Task 37 This summary report of the recent Task 37 progress meeting is provided as part of Bioenergy Australia's delivery of IEA Bioenergy Tasks. The first business meeting for the 2019/2021 work programme thwas hosted by Estonia on 7 -10th Ma IEA Bioenergy TCP Task 39. The Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme provides an international platform for co operation to promote cleaner and more energy-efficient fuels and vehicle technologies. AMF TCP. Supported by the IEA. Joined workshop of IEA Bioenergy Task 33 and IEA FBC Fluidized bed conversion of biomass and waste 24. October 2017, Skive, Denmark : B. Leckner, Chalmers University of Technology, Swede Task 45 is a new IEA Bioenergy task that expands the scope of Task 38, Climate change effects of biomass and bioenergy systems, to include sustainability issues beyond climate change, and to cover governance in addition to quantification of impacts

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IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Prepared By (S&T)2 Consultants Inc. 11657 Summit Crescent Delta, BC Canada, V4E 2Z2 Date: September, 2005 . Draft (S&T)2 BIODIESEL MARKET DEVELOPMENT IN EUROPE: LESSONS LEARNED FOR NORTH AMERICA i EXECUTIVE SUMMAR IEA, Bioenergy: Task 17 SHORT-ROTATION CROPS FOR ENERGY PURPOSES'.. .,. Proceedings of the first meeting of IEA, Bioenergy, Task 17, in Uppsala, Sweden, 4-6 June, 1998 Editors Lars Christersson and Stig Ledin Fuel011(0,5°%S, Gas oil Naluml w c-d WOcdP&lets Wcc.dCh@ Stlaw 45 M) (Fossil LIBRIS titelinformation: IEA, Bioenergy: Task 17. Short-rotation crops for energy purposes : proceedings of the first meeting of IEA, Bioenergy, Task 17, in Uppsala, Sweden, 4-6 June 1998 / editors Lars Christersson and Stig Ledi

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Topic report of the IEA Bioenergy Agreement Task 24 - Biological conversion of municipal solid waste December 2000 IEA Bioenergy. Biogas Flares State of the Art and Market Review M Caine Contents INTRODUCTION 1 BIOGAS COMPOSITION AND RATES OF FORMATION 2 Biogas Composition article based on the work of a Task is also included. IEA Bioenergy News covers the most recent ExCo meeting and workshop. It also features an editorial from a Member Country, news from the Tasks recent publications and upcoming nts. www.ieabioenergy.com Annual Report 2010 IEA Bioenergy IEA Annual Re United States Country Report IEA Bioenergy, Task 33. 30 Views Share. IEA Bioenergy Task 34: Welcome. 31 Views Share. Potential of Codigestion - IEA Bioenergy Task 37. 27 Views Share. From the Task From the Task - IEA Bioenergy Task 39. 13 Views Share. South Korea - IEA Bioenergy Task 39. 24 Views Share • IEA Bioenergy Task 38 and 39 colleagues, especially Jack Saddler, Task 39 co-task leader, and Susan van Dyk, Task 39 coordinator (University of British Columbia), and Helena Chum (NREL), Task 38 senior contributor to T38-T39 collaboration • Jim Spaeth (DOE EERE BioEnergy Technologies Office), USA's lea IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Commercializing Conventional and Advanced Transport Biofuels from Biomass and Other Renewable Feedstocks IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Virtual Business Meeting 4.00-6.30PM CET, 23 June 2020 Draft Meeting Minutes and Agenda .

IEA Bioenergy Task 39: Markteinführung konventioneller undDeployment of biobased value chains | SEIBioenergy Publications | Bioenergy - Part 3

This Task should help achieving high quality architecture for buildings integrating solar energy systems, as well as improving the qualifications of the architects, their communications and interactions with engineers, manufactures and clients IEA Bioenergy is a collaborative network under the auspices of the International Energy Agency (IEA) to improve international cooperation and information exchange between national bioenergy RD and D programs.IEA Bioenergy Task 42 on Biorefinery covers a new and very broad biomass-related field, with a very large application potential, and deals with a variety of market sectors with many. Bioenergy Australia (BA) Representative to IEA Bioenergy Task 37 This summary report of the recent Task 37 progress meeting is provided as part of Bioenergy Australia's delivery of IEA Bioenergy Tasks. The fifth business meeting for the 2016/2018 work programme thwas hosted by Finland on 7 -9th Marc IEA, Bioenergy: Task 17. Short-rotation crops for energy purpose : proceedings from the last meeting of IEA, Bioenergy, Task 17, in the Netherlands and Sweden, 11-16 December, 2000 / editors Lars Christersson and Leen Kuiper International Energy Agency, Bioenergy, Task 17. Meeting (Uppsala : 2000) Christersson, Lars, 1934- (redaktör/utgivare) Kuiper, Leen (redaktör/utgivare IEA Bioenergy Task 37 . Technical Reports Triennium 2013 - 2015 1. A perspecIve on algal biogas, 2. Nutrient recovery by biogas digestate processing, 3. A perspecIve on the potenIal role of biogas in smart energy grids, 4. Pretreatment of feedstock for enhanced biogas producIon, 5. Process.

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