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Possible Ancient Dagger Found in 17th-Century House in

  1. Possible Ancient Dagger Found in 17th-Century House in Scotland. Share. Wednesday, May 26, 2021. BOTHWELL, SCOTLAND.
  2. Tibet Nepal Collection Dojre Phurba Vajrakila Dagger 17th Century. $10,200.00. From China. Was: Previous Price. $12,000.00 15% off. or Best Offer. Free shipping. Watch
  3. knife, was one of the earlier daggers produced in the 17th century. The earlier dirks had two lobes that were connected at the junction of the grip and blade. The grips of dirks were usually decorated with bands of studs and interlaced work. The norm by the end of the 17th century was to entirely cover the hilts with interlaced work. The blad
  4. The dagger was very popular as a fencing and personal defense weapon in 17th- and 18th-century Spain, where it was referred to as the daga or puñal. During the Renaissance Age the dagger was used as part of everyday dress, and daggers were the only weapon commoners were allowed to carry on their person
  5. 17th Century Dagger - Order Code 17C11: 17th Century Dagger with shark skin grip bound in wire. Quantity: Sword Edge : Blade Dimensions Price. Dagger. £150.00 . 17th Century Dagger.
  6. Baselard (14th century long cutting dagger) Bollock dagger, rondel dagger, ear dagger (thrust oriented, by hilt shape) Renaissance. Cinquedea (broad short sword) Misericorde (weapon) Stiletto (16th century but could be around the 14th) Modern. Dirk (Scotland) Hunting dagger (18th-century Germany) Parrying dagger (17th- to 18th-century rapier fencing
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This dagger is a superb representation of the exquisite craftsmanship achieved during the Mughal era. Over the 16th and 17th centuries, the Mughal Empire extended across most of South Asia. The magnificent courts attracted skilled artisans from far and wide to create stunning luxury objects A Very fine and large size Romantic dagger with a figure of a 17th century Musketeer. Ref 298 WESTERN EUROPEAN BALLOCK DAGGER C.1500 $1,875.00. QUICK LOOK. FINE 18th CENTURY PERSIAN KINDJAL $3,100.00. QUICK LOOK. PAIR OF AMERICAN FOLK ART DAGGERS $165.00. QUICK LOOK. SUPERIOR QUALITY SUDANESE ARM DAGGER $210.00. QUICK LOOK. SOUTHEAST ASIAN DHA DAGGER $425.00 This 17th century Renaissance Dagger, believed to be of Italian origin, is beautifully crafted and decorated. A chiseled pommel and guard compliment the wire-wrapped grip with its turk's-head knots. Sku: SH121 Parrying dagger Unknown Artist / Maker Italy late 17th century (pommel) probably 3rd quarter 17th century (remainder of dagger) Iron or steel, chiselled Length: 33.5 cm Width: 2 cm Weight: 0.55 kg Rinasciment

Dagger, English, 17th century fencing. Price: £31.00. (incl. 19% VAT) Shipping to. United Kingdom ( DHL ) £16.40. AH3140. German hunting short sword, late 18th century. Price: £53.00. (incl. 19% VAT Renaissance daggers were the last and only line of defense. Sometimes, renaissance daggers were used in eating. Renaissance daggers are the perfect companion to the sword. We have great Renaissance styled daggers from the Venetian Stiletto to the 17th Century Steel Hilted Dagger German/Dutch 17th Century Dagger Original Rare Description: This dagger is of German or Dutch design from the early 17th century and remains in excellent condition. The dagger overall measures 13 5/8 inches with a 9 inch double edged blade. This style blade was designed to pierce armor

Pseudo Sharp - 94cm Blade. 2.5 cm at hilt tapering to 0.9 cm at tip. £220.00. 17th/18th Century CupHilt Rapier Order Code - 17C3TSS. Sharp (with Skark Skin) - 94cm Blade. 2.5 cm at hilt tapering to 0.9 cm at tip Scarce 17th Century Gentleman's All-Steel Dagger. An unusual example of a 17th Century Gentleman's All-Steel Dagger. With cut-steel and pierced decoration to the grip, hilt and crossguard. Blade of plain, cruciform type and typical of the period. Grip bound in steel wire Antique Weapons and Armor for Sale. Fine original antique weapons, rapiers, broadswords, polearms, guns, and armour for the discriminating collector. Specializing in antique swords and other European edged weapons of the 15th through the 19th Century, we have an especially fine selection of quality 16th and 17th Century rapiers and broadswords. . American and Eastern weap 17th - 18th Century Left Handed Dagger This interesting parrying dagger is in overall excellent condition. The hilt is comprised of a spiral pommel with brass wire wrap grip and a set of curved quillons with spatulated ends and spiral groves. The guard is also fitted with a side ring which ties in with the overall spiral design having groves

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Ref: S5720M Main Gauche 17th century Left Handed Dagger Replica The dagger's prime role as a weapon of self-defence continued well into the 17th century, although some new variants evolved such as this Main Gauche or left handed dagger. The Main Gauche was held in the left hand and was primarily used in conjunction wi The parrying dagger, or Main Gauche, is a category of small handheld weapons from the European late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. These weapons were used as off-hand weapons in conjunction with a single-handed sword such as a rapier. Approximate specifications are as follows: Weight: 370gOverall length: 41.5cmB Dagger (Katar) and Sheath 17th century Indian, Mughal. On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 379. Daggers of this type, called katars, were designed to be held by the cross bars in a clenched fist. This is one of the few that retains its embossed leather scabbard. Elaborately.

17th Century Chillanum Dagger - Beautiful Antique Place of Origin: Deccan, India Date: 17th Century Hilt was formerly inlaid with Silver, Bronze & Copper Blade refinished of finely Damascus steel. Length of the Dagger: Approx 12 inches. Only hand-to-hand delivery available for this beautiful antique dagger in Mumbai. To view many more Indian Antiques that are listed for sale... kindly click on. AR07377: Swept Hilt 17th Century Dagger. This rugged dagger features the sleek swept hilt that emerged at the end of the Middle Ages. It has a 12.5 carbon steel blade, elaborate swept handguard, and leather scabbard with brass furniture

  1. This is a replica of a 17th Century left handed daffer designed by John Barnett of museum quality. As a weapon, the dagger's primary role was for self-defence, this continued well into the 17th century along with new variants evolving too
  2. or loses). Wonderful deeply carved iron pommel of classic 17th century form. Iron hilt of 'crab-claw' form, including a pair of curved quillons, outer ring-guard formed in suite. Fine
  3. This classically styled Italian stiletto is made in the 17th century style and like the originals is both compact and deadly with its triangular cross-section blade. Easily concealed, the long, thin and rigid blade of the stiletto was ideal for puncturing multiple layers of cloth or thick cloak - a favorite for both gentleman and ne'er-do-well.This replica is made entirely from steel its blade.
  4. 16th Century European Ring Dagger. The dagger is in fine condition, the hilt is interesting with various engravings. The pommel depicts a deomic face with horns and the guard with side ring is decorated with some form of creatures that snake through to the side ring

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  1. 17TH CENTURY LEFT HAND DAGGER. I am not an expert on these early weapons however I have done some research on this style of left hand dagger. Double edged blade with arched cross guard and dating to the late 16th to mid 17th century more than likely Italian or German
  2. Please visit our website at:http://www.michaelbackmanltd.comto read more details or view other objects
  3. Dagger with Sheath late 17th century Hilt, Indian, Mughal; blade, Turkish or Indian. On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 379. From the sixteenth century on, pierced blades were popular in Turkey, Arabia, Iran, and India, and there are a number of examples in the Metropolitan Museum's collection. In several respects.
  4. 17. 18. 19. Century Dagger , in stock at History Revisited - Medieval Arms , direct from importer. Big selection of low priced items. Good Quality and servic
  5. Ref: S5720M Main Gauche 17th century Left Handed Dagger Replica The dagger's prime role as a weapon of self-defence continued well into the 17th century, although some new variants evolved such as this Main Gauche or left handed dagger. The Main Gauche was held in the left hand and was primarily used in conjunction wi
  6. archaeology.org - BOTHWELL, SCOTLAND—The Scotsman reports that traces of four buildings dated from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries were uncovered during Possible Ancient Dagger Found in 17th-Century House in Scotland - Archaeology Magazine - Flipboar
  7. 17th CENTURY PERSIAN DAGGER KARD. Extended Payment Plans Faganarms offers two types of payment plans to help you purchase this special piece for your collection. Standard Payment Plan (4 Months) For orders totaling $100 or more, our Standard Payment Plan is available to all of our customers

Description: This dagger has good age and appears to be about 17th century and possibly older. with an overall length of about 10 5/8 and blade with a central fuller of about 7 1/4 long. the metal has an aged patina of surface corrosion and mild rust and the grips is fluted horn.the horn grips has age and shrinkage cracks but is stable and won't fall off.This is an honest piece font in an. 17th Century Silver Hilted Dagger By: Windlass Steelcrafts - For Historical Reference. Product Description This functional dagger features a large, fully tempered high carbon steel blade with attractive fuller work married to a durable hilt. Guard, grip, and pommel are all made from solid nickel silver Del Tin 17th Century Left-Hand Dagger: $361.20: Back Ordered. Del Tin Early 16th Century Main Gauche: $295.95: Back Ordered. Del Tin German Left Hand Dagger: $298.95: Back Ordered. Del Tin Late 16th Century Left-Hand Dagger: $278.95: Back Ordered. Del Tin Late 16th Century Left-Hand Dueling Dagger: $336.95: Back Ordered Weapons of the 17th Century. The 17th century runs from 1600 to 1699, and during this time period we see some major technological advantages. One of the largest improvements was the use of firearms This stunning dagger is a reproduction of a stiletto in a private collection dating from the late 17th century. It is for display onlyDesigned exclusively as a thrusting weapon, the stiletto Dagger was widespread in the period when upper-class civilian dress often incorporated mail or leather body armour.The unsharpened blade is in triangular sections, measuring 10.5'' in length. The pommel.

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Oct 21, 2016 - Explore Kevin Molett's board 17th century swords on Pinterest. See more ideas about sword, 17th century, blades weapons 16th - 17th Century German Left Handed Dagger. The hilt is in good condition, comprising of a bell shaped pommel an grip with iron wrapping and a set of curved quillons and thumb / side ring with groves. The blade is a heavy duty double edge, the overall condition of the blade is excellent Original steel dagger / chilanum. India, 17th century. Intact and very well-preserved Small traces of the old paint. Elaborately made with no flaws. Plus a like-new book about Islamic weapons. 'Islamic Weapons, Magrib to Moghul' by Anthony C. Tirri. As good as new with 483 pages, all with colour illustrations. From a private collection. Further information will be sent to the buyer on request The remains of a lost 700-year-old village have been found next to a motorway in Scotland with an Iron Age dagger buried under one of the medieval buildings. Four buildings, part of a Scottish medieval settlement, discovered beneath a motorway hard shoulder in Scotland in 2016 stood no chance of being destroyed over the last 700 years

In the 17th century such a dagger was used with the left hand to ward off the enemy in a fencing match. There are typical Italian, French or German models. This replica dagger design suggests a British source. Usable as decoration and for role play. Length of blade: 32 cm / 12. Description. This beautiful replica of a Swedish hunting dagger was used by the Swedish army from the later 17th to late 18th century. The hunting dagger has a brass handle, wood and leather sheat, and with a quality steel blade A Very Fine Large Antique 17th Century European Dagger, most likely Italian. 12 double edge blade with (2) 8.75 fullers maker marked on both sides 'ANTHONIO, PICHINIO'. Wonderful deeply carved iron pommel with matching guard of classic 17th century form. Iron hilt, including a pair of strait quillons with flared 17th/18th Century Mughal Indian Katar Dagger Early example of a Mughal Indian Katar dagger. All-metal construction and sharply-pointed, double-edged blade with pronounced central rib. Blade length is 10.5 inches (18 inches overall). GOT ANY QUESTIONS? PLEASE FEEL FREE TO E-MAIL ME AT: sales@militariahub.com The original is European, late 17th or early 18th century, most likely Mediterranean or Southern France. It features a fluted cow horn handle, brass fluted pommel with decorative cap-stand, 5 1/2 inch blade with forged bolster and file work on the top of the blade

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  1. Dagger, early 1600s. Italy, early 17th Century. Steel and horn ; overall: 27.6 cm ; blade: 19.1 cm ; quillions: 4 cm . Get premium, high resolution news photos at.
  2. The dagger trap relied on a concealed wax seal that would leave a telltale rip once a letter a trove of thousands of undelivered 17th-century letters bequeathed to posterity by Dutch.
  3. Italian soldier in day wear with sword and dagger A, Italian soldier in battle dress with matchlock musket, wheellock pistol, sword, helm and breastplate B, and Italian helmet C. Chromolithograph from Hefner-Alteneck's Costumes, Artworks and Appliances from the Middle Ages to the 17th Century, Frankfurt, 1889
  4. 17th Century Fine English / Scottish Silver Kidney / Ballock Dagger The hilt's design with a sculpted wooden grip of ebony and multiple shaped inlays of bone (deer). the grip also has silver fitting running the length of the handle

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A Spanish Left-Hand Dagger. Late 17th Century. Sold for £ 1,275 (US$ 1,806) inc. premium Antique Arms and Armour. 26 May 2021, 10:30 BST London, Knightsbridge A Spanish Left-Hand Dagger Late 17th Century With sharply tapering blade of triangular section becoming. Les meilleures offres pour 17th siècle européen Ring Dagger sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite

The Quillon dagger is probably the longest lived style of dagger, current from the 12th Century right through to the 17th or even 18thC. Suitable for military men from Late Norman knights to Cromwell's Roundheads Yet intriguingly, this aikuchi (a guardless dagger) incorporates a German blade which was made in Solingen during the early 17th century, before being reshaped, hardened and polished in the Japanese manner

Battle Ready Renaisance Dagger. Material spring steel CSN 14 260, hardness approx. 50 - 52 HRC Overall length 43 cm Blade length 25.5 cm Width of the guard 12 cm Sword by Wulflun antique dagger knife 16 century dutch gotic gothic 17th century | Kunst en antiek, Objecten van vóór 1900 | eBay

Mar 21, 2015 - Marking: Stamped on the obverse of the ricasso: a portrait bust probably of a monk's head within a shield (possibly an abbreviation of the coat-of-arms of Munich); on the reverse: the Bavarian coat-of-arms (the Rautenschild, probably a proof-mark of Munich Kuttrolf, 12th-17th century Incl. Tax €23,45 Excl. Tax €19,3 This late seventeenth century 'katar' (punch-dagger) from the collection of the Mehrangarh Museum was redecorated in the nineteenth century with verses from the Ramayana. The Ramayana has special significance for the Rathores who trace their ancestry from Lord Rama Here are some examples of our work to date. 17th Century Officer\'s Coat. Related Searches: Frock Coats, Menswea

Category:17th century in India (CH 18392303).jpg. Gauntlet Dagger (Pata) MET 36.25.743 004july2014.jpg. Gauntlet Dagger (Pata) MET 36.25.743 005july2014.jpg. India 17th C - bezoar stone in silver holder IMG 9506 Museum of Asian Civilisation.jpg. India 17th C. Two Daggers in Style of 17th Century, Historism: Description: 1) Landsknecht´s Dagger. Tri-edged, straight blade. Straight, poppy head-ended crossguard. Wooden grip covered with leather. Egg-shaped pommel with vertical grooves. Length 59,5 cm. 2) Left-hand Dagger india antique very rare chillanum dagger deccan - 17th century hilt was formely inlaid with silver, bronze & copper blade refinished and of finely damascus steel length - 12 inches approx weight - 340 gms approx price $780 usd. item no - we 248 A very nice antique 17th century Spanish Lefthand Dagger, length 46 cm, in very good condition, . Price 3.950 euro. Category: Bayonets & Daggers. Availability: For sale. Fine pierced and engraved guard with scrolling foliage.Grip with original twisted iron wire binding.

A very nice Antique 17th Century Spanish chiselled Left-Hand Dagger, length 57 cm, in very good condition. Price 4.350 eur Another oddity from the 16th-17th Century, is the Dagger Pistol. The idea was to still have a suitable weapon for close-quarter fighting after you pulled the trigger and missed. A better idea is pistol and a dagger, or better yet a pistol and a cutlass All of the vintage and antique daggers featured here are available for sale. Our daggers include stilettos, dirks, choora, pesh kabz, flyssas, badik, and badek

Description. WROUGHT IRON DIVIDERS / DAGGER, European 17th /18th century. Measuring 13-1/2″ (34 cm) overall, this rather primitive pair of dividers is well constructed, with a five-leaf hinge with pommel knob, twin tapering arms, and double hilt A rare authentic tribal dagger from the Tuareg tribes of the Sahel. Circa 1900 or earlier. Click here for more information on Stock No. s2051 . Stock No.. s2164 . $1495.00 USD . Laos, Kaseng region A very rare shield type. dating as far back as the 17th century Svensk översättning av '17th century' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rare Antique 17th Century Medieval English Knight Dagger scissors Armor at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products

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  1. This is a Left hand dagger from the 16th or 17th century, probably italian or maybe from southern Germany BLADE :Stong and very sharp blade. It has 4 sides, which begin after a 4 cm ricasso. A deep central fuller on every side of the blade, on about 16 cms long. Lenght of blade : 30 c
  2. AN INDIAN DAGGER (KATAR), LATE 17TH CENTURY with fullered blade tapering towards the point, iron hilt extending over the forte and chiselled with flowers and foliage, the side panels finely pierc. Skip to Main Content Toggle navigation
  3. Original Item: Only One Available. This is very rare, made in the Sub Continent of India during the 1600s, this is the oldest style of Indian dagger one finds today. This example, referred to as TANJORE KATAR, features a hooded hand guard not very often encountered.In comes in its wood lined hard brown leather custom scabbard, itself possibly 17th century. It is fitted with a 14 multi.
  4. Left-handed Dagger (16th-17th century) Scottish Openwork Dagger. Back to: Rapiers. Left-handed Dagger (16th-17th century) Used by the fearsome swordsmen of the Tercios Españoles and a companion piece to the Tizona of the same period. Sales price.
  5. The dagger's prime role as a weapon of self-defence continued well into the 17th century, although some new variants evolved such as this Main Gauche or left handed dagger. The Main Gauche was held in the left hand and was primarily used in conjunction with the Rapier
  6. Early 17th Century dagger. Check out the makers mark at the head of the fuller. Thanks to Christopher Walton for the pics

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The bare-chested woman holds a dagger to her bosom. Her sorrowful face, cast in shadows, looks heavenward. The painting, titled Lucretia in honor of the Roman heroine who killed herself after being raped, is made more poignant because it was created around 1627 by Artemisia Gentileschi, herself a victim of sexual violence.The artist — long overlooked — now is considered the most. Buy online, view images and see past prices for A South Indian dagger, 17th/18th century. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles 16th-century Italian ivory-handled dagger and 17th-century German ivory pulverin [i.e. powder horn], 1835-1853 Alois Gustav Rockstuhl (1798 - 1877) RA Collection: Ar Italian Parrying Dagger (17th century) Parrying dagger or main gauche. The dagger would be used in the left hand with the sword in the right. There is an interesting cross design on ricasso. And there appears to be two blade stamp/maker's mark

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for RUSSIAN 17TH CENTURY PEASANT DAGGER at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products File:Dagger, Mughal dynasty, late 17th century, watered steel blade, hilt of nephrite inlaid with gold, rubies, and emeralds - Freer Gallery of Art - DSC05186.JP

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754) ULTRA RARE HAPSBURG FAMILY 17TH CENTURY GILDED AND ETCHED PARTISAN: In excellent condition with half the original haft with original gilded langets. The coat arms are not those of Austria. They look a version of the Hapsburg family coat of arms who were the rulers of Austria for many years but the elements of this coat of arms seem to relate to the Spanish side of the family Dagger or knife, hilt decorated with bronze human figure, very beautiful steel blade quite sharp and pointed. The sheath is entirely engraved on both sides, a little aged with time, but everything is in excellent condition Italian nobility's dagger, from the 17th century (or earlier) the sheath fits its blade like a glove Total length with sheath 34.5cm Length of blade and hilt 31cm Length of. 161k members in the IndiaSpeaks community. Namaskaram, We are a friendly and user-focused community for Redditors from India. It is a one stop A Mughal jade hilted dagger (khanjar) India, 17th Century. £ 7,000 - 9,000. US$ 9,900 - 13,000. Islamic and Indian Art. 25 Apr 2017, 11:00 BST London, New Bond Street A Mughal jade hilted dagger (khanjar) India, 17th Century the green jade hilt with rounded pommel and. Well, this dagger here is a type of dagger called a jambiya. The hilt on this one is Mughal Indian. Probably from the early 17th century, 1620s, 1650s. GUEST: Oh my, wow

Extremely rare antique English smallsword (sword) from 2ndSWORDS

He taught rapier and dagger unlike Silver and while some on the continent and in Italy were moving towards shorter rapiers Swetnam still preferred the long rapier for rapier play. Thibault, Girard A French master of the 17th Century who taught the Spanish style of fence A Safavid Royal Dagger Dedicated to Shah SuleymanA FINE SAFAVID WATERED-STEEL DAGGER (KARD) WITH WALRUS IVORY HILT DEDICATED TO SHAH SULEYMAN (R.1666-94), PERSIA, 17TH CENTURYthe straight watered-steel blade chiselled around the forte on both sides with lobed cartouches of scrolling foliage and split palmettes, with gold-damascened inscriptions, the spine with arabesque and finely chiselled.

Nice 17th Century Gunner's Stiletto Dagger With A Rope Shaped Handle : $308.0. Description Here is a nice very rare 17th century artillery gunner's stiletto dagger in good original condition. The iron surface is dark and smooth from age with a nice rope shaped handle which can be seen in the photos Lost village found next to Scottish motorway - with a dagger buried under remains of 17th Century house Latest News Remains of a lost medieval village have been discovered next to a motorway with an ancient dagger found buried under one of the abandoned buildings

Cloak'd & Dagger'd is a small costuming business based in Cheshire, specialising in quality handmade period clothing to order for any occasion. I supply reenactors, museums and productions around the world with historical costume ranging from Roman to Victorian, though 15th and 16th century garments are my speciality Traces of four medieval structures dating from the 14th to 17th centuries were discovered next to a highway near Bothwell in Scotland, where the Netherton Cross (a 10th century stone cross) once.

The Art of the Duel: Early 17th Century Rapier Fencing17th Century Costume at Cloak’d and Dagger’dIslamic Arms and Armor | Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of ArtAncient Ayyanar Stone Sculpture From Chola Period

post medieval dagger quillon post medieval bronze dagger quillon with decoration & traces of gilding dating circa : 16th/17th century ad measures : 10 x 2.5 c The Swiss dagger (Schweizerdolch) is a distinctive type of dagger used in Switzerland and by Swiss mercenaries during the 16th century. It develops from similar dagger types known as basler which were in use during the 14th and 15th centuries. The characteristic mark of the Swiss dagger are two crescent-shaped, inward-bent metal bars delimiting the hilt This dagger belonged to Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal as a mausoleum to his favorite wife in the 17th century. Christie's hide caption toggle captio WandaVision is done! And no, it definitely did not play out like so many of us predicted. Instead of big universe-shaking bad guy reveals, we instead got some of the best character writing ever from Marvel as it dug into this gripping story of grief and loss, that was surprisingly touching for a show about a witch and her undead robot husband

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